Quality of our jewelry: 

The majority of jewelry sold on our online store is made of stainless steel and meets European manufacturing standards. Stainless steel, as its name suggests, is a material that does not rust and is water resistant. Our jewelry is also hypoallergenic.

The stones found on the jewelry are mostly natural stones. The small irregularities present on natural stones make each piece of jewelry unique. This also means that the color of the stone may vary slightly from one piece of jewelry to another. 


Things to avoid: 

In order to keep the jewelry as long as possible, we advise you to take the following precautions: 

  • Avoid contact with water 
  • Avoid contact with cosmetic products such as perfumes containing alcohol
  • Avoid contact with chemicals 

We strongly advise you to remove your rings and bracelets when doing household chores and when bathing. 


Tips for cleaning jewelry: 

We advise you to avoid the use of chemicals as this will damage your jewelry as indicated above. 

A clean cloth or chamois (fabric specially designed for dry cleaning jewelry) is a good solution for cleaning your stainless steel jewelry. This type of jewelry maintenance will facilitate the reconstitution of the protective layer. 

It is very easy to maintain your jewelry with this method, all you need is a cloth or chamois cloth to carefully clean your jewelry. 

At the end of this process, you will regain the shine and shine of your jewelry!