How to measure women's ring size?

We offer the following different methods to know your ring size.

Manually measure the circumference of the affected finger

  • Use a tape measure or cut out a strip of paper or a piece of string several centimeters long.
  • With this strip or the seamstress tape, we suggest you go around the finger that will wear the ring. It is recommended to take the measurement at the level of the second phalanx, in the middle of the finger. However, you should not tighten the band too tightly when you wrap it around your finger to be sure that the ring will also fit over the knuckles.
  • Make a pencil mark where the strip meets.
  • Unroll your strip and use a millimeter ruler to measure the length needed to go around your finger. If the mark is between two graduations, raise the upper graduation.
  • To find out your ring size, refer to our correspondence table below to find your exact size. Example: if the measured length is 5.4 cm, the size to order is 54.


Ring size: correspondence table

Size Diameter (in cm) Circumference (in cm)
42 1,33 4,18
44 1,40 4,40
46 1,46 4,58
48 1,53 4,80
50 1,60 5,02
52 1,65 5,18
54 1,72 5,40
56 1,78 5,59
58 1,85 5,81
60 1,92 6,03
62 1,98 6,22
64 2,04 6,41
66 2,10 6,59
68 2,15 6,75
70 2,22 6,97


Advice :

The ring should be tight enough that it doesn't fall off, but loose enough to slide over your joint with some ease. When calculating the correct size of a ring, remember that fingers expand and contract depending on temperature. 

If you are unsure between two sizes, always choose the larger one. Because fingers tend to swell slightly with the heat during the summer, or depending on your activity.

What happens if I order the wrong ring size?

Don't let the size issue stress you out. If you need a different ring, you can return your ring within 30 days! Don't wait any longer, buy the ring of your dreams in our dedicated collection !