Preciousse Promo Code

Code Promo de Preciousse

Preciousse Promo Code and Promotional Event


You are undoubtedly a big jewelry lover, and it is very likely that you are also a loyal follower of our Preciousse brand. You can find the most recent promo codes from our brand here!


1. Our New Arrival on Amazon:

20% Discount Promo Code on all our Amazon items

  • CODE20FBM (valid from 02/16/2023 until 28-02-2023) : Enter this code in the Amazon checkout page to get a 20% discount!
  • View our products on Amazon by clicking here:

bijoux preciousse

biojux preciousse

2. Our Promotional Event on Social Media

Our Competition Game on Instagram, click here to participate:

Presentation of this Competition Game:
  • Try to win a set of 3 Preciousse jewels worth €48. 
  • 3 winners will be drawn at random
  • the 3 people selected will win the set of 3 jewels!




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