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What are the different types of necklace clasp?

What could be more beautiful than a necklace in a subtle way to enhance your neck? It's time to fall for one of the models from our exceptional selection to treat yourself or find an accessory of your dreams. Indeed, the clasp is very important, it plays a role in the security of the piece and even in the design. Not only is it important to wear your clasp with confidence, but it is also important to put your necklace on easily. Nothing worse than trying to get ready in the morning and having trouble putting on jewelry because your necklace clasp is difficult. And you definitely don't want to end your day realizing that the necklace is missing, because the clasp came undone or broke. So there are several types of necklace clasp for multiple different necklace shapes, the one that suits your desires. Here are the three main types of jewelry clasps.

1. Lobster clasp This is a solid clasp that is unlikely to open suddenly, it is usually found on the chain. Indeed, on one side of the collar there is a piece in the shape of a lobster claw which is opened and closed using a small spring contained in the mechanism. It then gets caught in a ring placed at the other end of the necklace. This type of clasp can also have an oval ratchet.

2. Spring ring clasp It comes in the form of a small ring fitted with a lever. The spring ring closure is very common on lighter, more delicate chains. The circle clasp contains less precious metal than other necklace clasps, keeping the cost relatively low. These clasps are ideal on less substantial chains with lightweight pendants. There are larger spring ring closures that allow you to have more confidence in the necklace clasp. PROS: The spring ring is one of the least expensive necklace clasp options. DISADVANTAGES: Due to where the O-ring attaches to the spring ring closure, it can pull and allow wear, breakage, or move the sliding component out of its path. Spring clasps can also be difficult to open if they are too small.

3. Toggle clasp On one side of the necklace, there is a round piece or hollow shape larger than the rest of the links. On the other side is a thick metal bar, more or less elaborate. This will pass to block against the form allowing the collar to be closed. Easy to put on, but it is less secure than a lobster clasp. We also sometimes speak of a “toggle” clasp or T clasp.

Different types of necklaces suit any outfit

Whatever your preference, we present different types of necklaces, which can accompany you in everyday wear and go perfectly with a casual or professional outfit to further highlight your look. Are you looking for a new necklace that you like? Whether you're looking for trendy necklaces or just trying to figure out which style of necklace best suits your dressing style. There are several types of necklaces, all of which can be worn subtly for any occasion. Whether it's a link necklace, a chain necklace, a long necklace, a pendant necklace or a choker, from which you can choose to offer to the one you love.

Types of necklaces for women:

The necklace (approximately 55cm)

The long necklace has never gone away for years, it is perfect for highlighting your neckline thanks to its natural fall on the chest, and will draw attention to your bust, it is a timeless piece that can also be worn with an elegant outfit than with a casual outfit. What type of collar for a V-neck? The long necklace is a good option.

The choker (approximately 38 cm)

This type of collar is best suited for U-neck and off-the-shoulder necklines. One of the most important benefits of wearing a choker is that it goes with virtually everything you wear, regardless of its shape or style. Wearing a necklace so close to the neckline is really attractive. Chokers complement V-necks as well as round necks, which are perfect for minimalist jewelry matching. The Pendant Pendant necklaces are one of the most versatile ornaments that not only enhance your style statement but also allow you to show off your personality. Some trendy styles include tree necklace, moon and stars and natural stones etc, these pendant necklaces suit almost any neckline.

The choker (approximately 40 cm)

The choker is one of the most popular necklaces, and it is an essential in a woman's wardrobe, it is attractive and very appreciated by fashionistas, because it is easily customizable in accumulation with different shapes of necklaces to illuminate your neck and to make your outfit more chic and trendy. The mesh necklace This type of model goes with most outfits, whether you're wearing a formal dress or a basic suit. It can be an ideal accessory for everyday life. Your favorite is bound to be here.

Several types of necklace chains for special occasions

How can you know which high-quality collection is ideal for you? You may be looking for a gift for a friend, sister, relative or loved one, but you don't know where to start. Crack here, you will find a best gift with an affordable price. Whether for a special event like Valentine's Day or Christmas, for a birthday or simply to please, follow our guide to find a necklace chain that suits you.


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