Tips for cleaning stainless steel jewelry

Conseils pour le nettoyage des bijoux inox

Why choose stainless jewelry?

Most of our products are made of stainless steel, stainless steel jewelry are highly appreciated by women due to its many benefits. Stainless steel jewelry is a good alternative to noble materials. Indeed, stainless steel is a material whose alloy is rustless, indestructible and immutable. You will also find its durable and hypoallergenic characteristics, which limits the risk of allergy upon contact with sensitive skin, except in rare cases, and the jewelry does not rust. This material is also guaranteed nickel-free, cadmium-free and lead salt-free so that you can wear the pieces for longer with complete confidence. As its name suggests, stainless steel does not blacken, so you can easily wear them every day without fearing that they will lose their shine. Cleaning jewelry is easy, we will detail it in the following paragraphs.

Furthermore, this material is subject to strict control by current European regulations. Each product is selected and controlled by our teams, paying great attention to each phase in order to guarantee good quality for our customers.


How to clean jewelry daily?

Easy to maintain, it does not require special cleaning, you no longer need to go to the jeweler. Thanks to the quality of this material, simply clean them or rub gently with a soft cloth and a few drops of white vinegar to restore its shine.

You can also use one of the following products:

- Marseille's soap
- Dishwashing liquid
- a little toothpaste
- a little lemon juice diluted with water

Put the product on a soft, clean cloth, then gently rub your stainless steel jewelry. Then, take care to rinse several times with clean water.

Please note, for gold stainless steel chains and components or rose gold stainless steel clasps, avoid acidic cleaners such as vinegar, lemon or toothpaste. This could damage the finish.


How to maintain and clean costume jewelry in depth?

Jewelry that is associated with natural stones or pearls must be given special treatment to enjoy a long life, even if our jewelry is resistant to your daily life. Here are some tips to ensure they last as long as possible.

Indeed, stones can tarnish because of a layer of dirt which prevents the light from reflecting perfectly, due to the use of household products, perfume or even cosmetics. Even if the material is stainless steel, in order to preserve the shine of your jewelry, we invite you to avoid contact with water, your perfume and your chemicals as much as possible. Remove your jewelry before washing your hands, showering or going to the gym. When you are not wearing them, put them back in their original individual pouch or case, in order to avoid friction between them by helping to reduce the risk of them getting scratched and thus tangled chains.

We therefore offer a selection of costume jewelry good quality, inexpensive and for all types of budgets on our site! Without a doubt opt ​​for our stainless steel product with the best value for money!